learning to be better in seamless knitting

Many years ago I was already struggling with ideas of knitting without Seams, and was in a stage of making vests and working on the idea since before i only saw Baby sweaters without seams. In january 1981 my husband traveled to Boston, and asked what he should bring back with him, I asked him to buy me a book about knitting seamlessly. He asked the the ladies in the office, who had no clue about such a book , but strangely enough, in the airport a woman was selling craftbooks and amongst them One Piece Knits that Fit By Margaret Hubert. he brought it home, and finnaly I could use all my thoughts and learned from Dear Margaret how to it out neatly. I immidiately started to knit this sweater , which i still wear.

I learned much from my own experiences and developed ideas when in 1987, my late friend Haya Meyerowitz lent me Elizabeth Zimmermanns book `Knitting without tears`, i was so impressed That I decided to write a letter to Mrs Zimmermann, Alas i did not keep a copy, but here is her answer to me. click on photo to see better.

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