How to knit a shawl that looks like a sweater hanging on your shoulders

This shawl is knitted in two halves, and than sewn together in the middle of the back.

It is excellent for working away a none known amount of leftovers. take two matching balls, or both sides of the one ball you have, cast on 4 st with one thread and cast on another 4 st with another thread. Both parts are knitted in the same way thus you knit 2 different parts. So repeat the pattern on both parts even though I will only write it once. Through the whole work I used on both sides a similar thread. Thus both sides are the same but not  100%. I did not knit the two parts as opposites but knitted both at the same direction.

K 4, turn , k 4 for 3 more rows./ k 3 loop over needle knit 1, knit 5 over 3 more rows./ Repeat this adding a loop every 4th row until both parts are 49 cm long.

Knit the whole row +4 st, turn and knit back, turn knit all st +4 [you now add 4 stitches every second row] until your parts are 59 cm long . [if the receiver of the shawl is taller you might add more the idea was to cover my my hips] .

Now knit the same stitches/ and every 5-7 cm add a short row = knit 6-10 st from the bottom up turn and knit those same st. down to the bottom again [so the bottom will flare a bit] When you reached the size of half your back. Seam the two parts in any way you like,I have tried several manners and all worked well for me. After seaming the two parts I crocheted around the whole shawl .

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  1. מאת רבקה שרמן‏:

    great for chilly days, easy to tie in the front or cross in the front and tie in the back like to olden days….
    like it

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